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Reflexology has been practiced for over 5000 years, but was introduced to the west approximately 100 years ago. It is seen now as a non- intrusive complementary therapy which can be performed on the feet, hands and face.
The Reflexologist massages the feet or hands, and applies pressure to specific points which correspond with areas of the body.

Benefits of Reflexology.
Reflexology treats the person as a whole, acknowledging that we are all individual.
Over the years I have had clients come for the relaxation, but also those who have presented with:

– Hormonal problems such as irregular periods, menopausal problems
– Back pain
– Poor sleep patterns
– Migraine
– Fertility
– Stress and anxiety
– Digestive disorders
– working alongside clients undergoing treatment for cancer (Oncology Nurse forum 2012 Nov:39(6) :568-77)

The therapy session - What to expect.
Sessions are usually carried out on a couch with footwear and socks/stockings removed. Depending on allergies, a cream/wax or oil will be used as a medium for the massage.

The Initial session of Reflexology can typically take 50-75 minutes as a detailed history will be taken. Subsequent sessions usually last 45-60 minutes.

How you will feel after a session.
This can depend from session to session, people have reported in the past;

  • Feeling relaxed
  • Full of vitality
  • Sleepy
  • possible Aching
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced anxiety

    Vertical Reflexology Techniques (VRT)
    VRT is a unique method of weight-bearing reflexology which is briefly applied to the dorsal feet and hands, you can expect a firmer pressure than with a standard reflexology treatment. It was developed by Lynne Booth over a period of 25 years . The success of VRT resulted in an award from the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM) for its ‘Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine’ in 2011.
    The hands or feet are worked in a weight-bearing position for short periods, providing an intensive level of treatment that can aid general well-being, relieve tension in the body and bring about a state of relaxation throughout the body.

    This is beneficial to all clients and can be performed standing or seated. Often I use this method before a reflexology session and may show the client how to work areas themselves to support them between sessions.
    You can expect a firmer pressure than you would with normal pressure. Also, there may be a slight discomfort for just 5 to 10 seconds in the area worked.
    Just click here to visit the VRT

    NEW... La Stone Foot work
    With this you receive the thermal benefits from the stones as well as working the feet.....

    Reductions are available for children and OAP's as sessions tend to be shorter Home visits on request (please contact me for a quote).

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