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Crystal Healing

This is a natural therapy utilizing the therapeutic properties of rocks, stones and crystals.

What to expect
You will be asked to remove your shoes and lie on the massage couch, you are not required to remove any clothing.
Crystals are placed on and around your body and this leads to changes within the body’s energy field (aura), which in turn has a positive effect on health.
Crystals to work within our energy field this can relieve physical symptoms associated with poor health as well as bringing balance to the mind and emotions. This helps create a sense of well-being.
Clients have said they feel like they have had an energetic detoxification / spring clean, however it is extremely relaxing experience and you may find yourself drifting away during the session!

Post session clients had fed back that they feel relaxed and centred more able to concentrate.
Sessions last 60-75 mins

If you would like to know about training or purchasing crystal I can highly recommend Andrew Carter who now runs The Rose School in Northamptonshire Just click here to visit the site .


Hopi means ‘people of peace’. The Hopi ear candles are named after the Native American tribe who introduced this gentle therapy to Europe. The candles have been used by shaman healers and the historic roots can be found in Asia and traced back to the Indians of North and South America.

This is a gentle relaxing treatment which can help with sinuses problems, headaches, migraines, tinnitus, glue -ear, snoring, vertigo or travel sickness.

What to expect
You are required to complete a health questionnaire prior to the session and then an examination of your ear canals using an otoscope.
There is no need to remove any clothing, you will be required to lie on your side. The ear candle (which is a hollow bees wax tube) is placed in the ear. You may be aware of a warm sensation and sometimes a slight noise, the candle can take anything from 10 to 20 minutes to burn. This is then followed by massage to the face and neck which encourages lymphatic drainage.

Please note that there are some contra-indications for the use of ear candles and these include: recent operations (major surgery), Recent perforated ear drum, acute ear infections, epilepsy, diabetes, grommets already in place, first few days of cold.

Sessions last 45-60mins

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